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2022. 04. 23.

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Self-learning heating control for smart thermostats

2021. 01. 26.

Ignis Computer Ltd. has finished another, innovative product! As a result of a two-year long research and development, we introduce Optitherm, a self-learning AI based, heating control algorithm, which enables precise temperature maintenance and control without overheating, as it is able to continuously learn and adapt to the thermal properties of our residential buildings and their surroundings. Optitherm not only provides a higher level of comfort, but also reduces energy consumption, which is cost-effective and the good for environment as well. We offer the algorithm with integration drivers and professional support to those smart thermostat manufacturers, heating control companies or smart home service providers who want to provide their customers the temperature control of the future.

More information: http://optitherm.hu

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New lock prototype is finally finished

2020. 02. 29.

Our new lock prototype is finally finished. The lock is completely wireless (no need for external power supply either), so its installation is simple and fast. The solar charging enables long lifetime up to 10 years, which is a unique feature on the market of wireless remotely controlled locks. The mobile and the web application makes complex user management possible.
Equipped with embedded fingerprint sensor and numeric keypad, this elegant-look smart lock makes the high-security electronic entry control possible beside the traditional key-based solution.
The included wall adapter gateway (a.k.a. „dongle”) connects the ultra-low consumption smart lock with the Internet via the Wi-Fi network of the apartment. This creates a real IoT device, controllable from anywhere anytime using the web or the mobile application.
Crocolock is compatible and ready to be integrated with most smarthome-systems, such as Chameleon Smart Home.


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Chameleon goes to CES thanks to Hungarian National Trading House

2016. 12. 05.

This is the 50th time CES is organised in Las Vegas on 5-8 January 2017. Organisers expect 3,800 exhibitors and around 165,000 visitors. This year, Hungary will be represented by 4 companies, including Chameleon, in the largest tech show of the world.

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Participation in Slush

2016. 12. 02.

We took our Chameleon Smart Home system to the Slush festival in Helsinki with the support of the Hungarian National Trading House. Slush is the largest tech conference of the Scandinavian region with more than 10,000 participants.

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Chameleon Official Launch

2016. 11. 28.

The official launch of the Chameleon Smart Home system, where the founders introduced the system and answered all the technical questions raised, was a great success. Real estate investors, electricians and end-users also visited the program.

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Participation in IoT World

2016. 11. 23.

We were there in the IoT World conference in Dublin with our project Chameleon.

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The commercial trade of Chameleon Smart Home system started

2016. 09. 20.

After more than 3 years of development and 1.5 years of beta testing, the commercial trade of the system could start. We have also completed our website, www.chameleon-smarthome.com, where you can order our new building automation system.

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Picturesqe goes live: the release of version 1.0

2016. 01. 20.

The program is now commercially available, the packages are on the website and can be purchased from now on.

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Picturesqe in an International Accelerator program

2016. 01. 20.

IA selected us for a six months US Accelerator program. Apart from providing financial support for Picturesqe, the program will also help our launch in the US market. The program faced the team with a great challenge: we started developing the MAC version.

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Picturesqe appears in Photo Expo

2015. 11. 28.

Picturesqe had a featured place in the biggest autumn show of the community of Hungarian photographers. Apart from being an exhibitor, we also participated in the implementation of the event as organisers. We set up a photo corner in one of the function rooms where photographers could select photos with the help of Picturesqe. We managed to collect another 800 registrations in the event.

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We are invited to an Accelerator programme in the US

2015. 11. 16.

It was a great pleasure for us that International Accelerator invited us to the United States to introduce our products. We spent a week in Austin, the new startup capital of the US.

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We were granted EU funds for entering foreign markets

2015. 08. 01.

We won a training for submitting European Union H2020 applications and we designed a global marketing strategy for our products within the program.

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We were there in StartUp Istambul

2015. 07. 01.

140 companies were selected out of 1500 applicants invited to a startup competition in Turkey. During our one-week stay, we managed to get into the best 50 companies. The 12 best companies that were presented in a big stage and could address an audience of thousands were selected in the second round. Picturesqe made it to the finals as the only

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The beta version of Picturesqe is out

2015. 07. 01.

Beta version of Picturesqe was presented in PhotoExpo, one of the biggest photography events in Hungary. 600 beta testers joined our system which was a great success among photographers.

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Our visual troubleshooting system, DebugMe, is live now

2014. 10. 05.

We have developed a new visual interface for web designers and website owners that makes sending user feedback from website much easier.


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The development of Picturesqe started with European Union funds

2012. 12. 31.

A research and development project aimed at providing a global solution for the selection of a constantly increasing number of photos has been started. We?ve all been there: you come home from your holiday with thousands of photos on your memory card, many of them in duplicates, waiting to be selected. It would be nice to show them to friends but who is going to look at 2000 pictures? This is where Picturesqe comes into the picture and helps the selection of photos with artificial intelligence.