Research and development

One of our main activities is the research and development of intelligent software solutions. We have high-level competencies especially in the fields of machine vision, machine learning, artificial intelligence, the analysis of still and moving images and data mining. We obtained these competencies from our successfully completed projects and from a close cooperation with a number of Hungarian and non-Hungarian universities and research centres. We are happy to serve our clients in the fields listed above.

Major references: eHealth system (BIG DATA), medical image analysis (the analysis of cancer cells in bone marrow on the basis of x-ray images), Picturesqe image processing program.

Customised software development

Besides research and development activities, we also have more than 15 years of experience in the development of customised, mainly Windows-based, systems. We usually make Windows Desktop, web-based and mobile apps.

The great advantage of custom developed systems is that they take all the needs and requirements of clients into consideration. You do not need to adapt to the tool sets of boxed software packages that are sometimes rather peculiar and not always efficient. The final programme will not contain menu points you never use, it will only include what you really need. A typical feature of our systems is a clear and easy to understand user interface.

System planning

We have great expertise in the development of administration applications, tutorial programs and websites with complex functions. We have also developed several apps where we had to meet customer requirements (data encryption of a holographic card reading system, manufacturing process control, communication of brake testing and emission measurement equipment etc.)

As a first step, we make a sketch of the user interfaces our clients can try and can give feedback about. The screens do not work yet but, with the help of the controls and captions in the screens, you can have a clear overview of the entire system.

Then, based on this design, the client can decide which development company they hire for the job. If they choose us, we start the development process on the basis of the UI designs and the detailed physical system design as specified in the price quote. We deliver the complete system in our usual high quality, thoroughly tested and within the deadline.


Due to our flexible development team, we can temporarily place specialists in your company. If you do not want to hire additional employees but you need experienced developers, engineers or researchers for a project, we are happy to help. Typical characteristics of our developers are trustworthiness and great professional expertise. Our specialists have experience primarily in the following fields:

  • JavaScript, HTML, HTML5, CSS
  • Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL
  • Image analysis, artificial intelligence
  • BIG DATA, data mining
  • Hardware design, programming embedded systems

Video afterworks

We also do the postproduction, editing and visual enhancement of ad spots and product information materials as well as make video animations.