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Smart Automation System

Our mission is to get Smart Home systems into every home and every office facility so people can experience their benefits. We are convinced that, within 10 years’ time, Smart Home systems will be just as widespread as mobile phones are these days.

We hope that our product will reshape the entire building automation market. It gives the owners a simple, and inexpensive, opportunity to get the newest Smart Home systems available in the market for their newly built homes or older homes to be renovated. Chameleon ensures independence and gives you the freedom of choice in selecting control systems, and does it at an incredible price. It provides the electricians and investors with a method that can give them a competitive edge in the market.

Cutting edge picture selection program

With the passing of printed photos, an unmanageable number of digital images are recorded every day on hard disks in our digital world. Quite often, multiple pictures of the same subject are taken and people do not have the time to select the best ones and, therefore, they cannot show them to others, either.

Recognising this problem, we developed our unique image selection software, with the help of which the time spent on the selection of images can be reduced with as much as 70-80%. Our self-learning image analysis procedures help you in classifying your images and mark the images you considered poor. With its revolutionary set of tools, Picturesqe gives you handy solutions for an efficient selection of images.

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Visual feedback system

Have you ever had the feeling that web designers and clients do not speak the same language when they are trying to add new functions or modify a few elements in a website? Even after all long exchange of emails, they do not get the expected result because the web designer thought about something else or misunderstood some terms used by the client.

DebugMe translates between designer and client. It gives a set of visual tools to the client, with the use of which he can simply mark the problem on the website with a pen. The system sends the problem in an easily decipherable ticket to the web designer with the exact source code, type of operation system, version of browser and screenshot. Due to a high level of integration, the problems can be transferred into a number of PM tools.

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Online typing tutorial program

With the help of NetType online typing tutorial program, you can easily learn 10 finger touch typing anywhere so you can reduce the time spent in front of your computer significantly. You can do your job and exchange letters with your friends in a healthier way because you do not need to move your eyes back and forth between the written text and the keyboard. And you can do it in your own home with a convenient solution that is easy on your budget!

Our training programme is a unique service in its kind. With this software, entirely developed in Hungary, we could create a product that mixes massive professional foundations with a user-friendly multimedia interface and easy and flexible online accessibility.

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Panoramic image manager

SightSeer is a touristic software developed for the local governments of towns and villages or districts of cities that can be deployed on indoor and outdoor terminals alike. Its main function is to show tourists all the sights and attractions they can visit in a panoramic image. Tourists can also get detailed information and historical background about each site and attraction.

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Financial register

With this program made for Microsoft mobile operation systems, you can easily manage your spending in a monthly, weekly or aggregate format. The main priority in the development of the program was that data can be entered fast so the daily costs can be recorded in the shortest possible time. You can record an unlimited number of cost categories of your taste. You can even see your spending in a graph format.